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today’s post is not about outfit , it’s all about magic light and catching the right moment. Continue reading “Magic Light”


Welcome to The Fashion Sateen

Hello world ! I’ve finally decided to have my own blog ! it’s already 2 years, that I wanted to write my first post , but somehow I could not find  requisite words, but now, In 2014 I can finally say i’m ready to share with you my story . what I like ,what I do for a living ,  how I dress up , what inspires me and so much more .  I don’t know yet, but I’m more than motivated to write blog posts and also to take a lot of photos (you have no idea how much I like taking photos).
   So why is my blog different from others … I think it’s because of me , because every person is unique and i think my story is unique and  important one  … I’m gonna try to be interesting and creative throughout the posts.
   Well that’s enough about my thoughts now some personal information- my name is Salome (Salo, Sali )   I was born in Georgia  23 years ago and I still live here . I’ve already finished university and I can call myself  ,,a political scientist’’. May be you think why this profession , answer is obvious , because I like politics. i also adore fashion (I wanted to be a designer , I’m still thinking to create my own accessories line , but who knows) . my blog will be mix of my everyday outfits , fashion and street style inspirations , food , travel, photography and so on … you will see ….
    So, I think it’s enough info for my first ever post  … thanks for reading  and don’t forget to share your opinions with me , comments down below are open for everyone … also follow me on the instagram and twitter .
P.S in every post I’ll add some inspirational quote:
“Be the change you want to see in the world,” – Gandhi
see you in the next post ….