Usual Casual


Hey Loves

Today’s look is very casual and comfy and I’m wearing my Favorite Vintage ,,golden star” sweater, which is so comfy (you can’t even Imagine) I Love it very much and I want to wear it every day , but my mom tells me – you have so many things to wear, don’t be so ,,boring” … but everyone has favorite ,,thing” in the closet , Am I right ??… mine is this sweater … I decided not to be so shiny and sparkly so I’m wearing simple Zara Leggings and Boots … and I want to tell you one secret I’m starting to develop my skills in Photoshop (because every blogger uses Photoshop , I’m not exception) and I decided to give these  photos some ,,Vintage” effect … I hope you like it … Don’t forget to share your thought with me as always …

“Let’s All Shine On Like the Moon and The Sun and The STARS “

XoXo Salome



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