The Fashion Sateen is a Fashion and Lifestyle Blog born at the Beginning of 2016 and totally re-designed in July 2017 in Tbilisi, Georgia.  It is an online diary of a girl who loves fashion, Photography, Travel and music. With this blog she has created a personal place on the web. The place where you will feel free to express your feeling about the issues discusses on the blog and also get inspired. It’s an open window of  her  life, which you can enjoy daily.

Salome herself was born in a small town in Georgia and moved in the capital, Tbilisi, at the age 18. After finishing Tbilisi state university she’s got bachelor degree in Political science and currently she’s getting Master degree in International relations at Georgian Institute of public affairs. As a high-powered fashion and photography addict she felt the strong urge of building up her own little fashion corner and that’s why the Fashion Sateen appeared on the map of blogs.

For Collaboration requests E-mail: Thefashionsateen@gmail.com

For Personal Questions: Salomematsaberidze@yahoo.com