Tough Life


Hello Loves,

Today’s post is little bit different from what I normally post. This Blog has become my diary for different reasons . most of the time because of you, Yes You, my readers , because every time you leave comments on my posts and encourage me, gives me so much energy and strenght, I found out that this space is my second home, where most of you don’t know me personally , but support and help me with your warm words , thank you for that.

Well  to say true , last week was one of the hardest in my life because of different reasons. Sitting now and writing this I still don’t know  how to deal with so many problems … Life often has funny ways of showing us who’s Boss . I used to think that motivation was this bright, powerful flame of desire to do what’s good for me that would always be with me no matter what ,but…

Not really.

And sometimes I feel like jumping off the moving train(life), because it feels like too much work to stay on it … My brain is now full of thoughts, ideas and it needs little help with your advices …

I’m interested in to hear your thought about ,,tough life’’ in general , your experinces …

And also can blogging become my full time job ??? what do you think do I have a potential ?? and what was your experience and first impression about blogging in general  …

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20 thoughts on “Tough Life

  1. rumeladey

    That was absolutely a great read so well written. All I can tell you is I believe what ever happens good or bad happens for a reason and the reason is always good. I have seen that many a times in my life. May be at that point of life we feel down, upset or even broken but later when things are fine and we can put two and two together we always can see a positive hidden agenda behind it.
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  2. First off, you look absolutely beautiful in this photo! As for the issues of life, they’re inevitable, but what I’ve learnt looking back retrospectively is that those tough and lean times I went through helped to mold me into the woman I am today. I wouldn’t be as strong or have any hope for that matter, if I’ve never experienced times that really tested my inner strength and capabilities. When we go through hard times and come out (there’s ALWAYS light at the end of the tunnel) we develop a different outlook on life and situations, and for the better, we become more appreciative. I always say that we can never appreciate hot, unless we’ve experienced cold 😉 I hope you have a wonderful day and remember, as cliché as it may sound, these words are true, it too shall pass.




  3. putallonme

    Well in my case I try to stay positive and smile in every situation but it’s true that sometimes you don’t have choice and that feelings can be mixed. I think we all should live everyday to the fullest and be grateful and happy 🙂

    Full time blogger? Of course, why not?! If that is something you wish and want to do you should go for it! It is my goal to become full time blogger and I am doing my best to get there so girl if you feel the same you should go for it 1oo% 🙂


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  4. kelseybang

    cute post! of course blogging can be your full time job if you want it too! just takes a lot of time, and hard work!!! I am hoping to do the same someday 🙂


  5. Gabrielle

    Motivation comes in waves, don’t worry, I’m sure it’ll return to you soon! Also, something that may be of help to you – I was once told that sometimes it’s okay to get off and walk beside the moving train, and then jump back on when you’re ready 🙂 Have a lovely weekend gorgeous girl!


  6. I start my blog last year after leaving my ex company!!!I’ve passion for fashion since when I was a child and at University I studied law (only ’cause was prestigious), so when I finished and I had my degree I left my country (italy) and I moved to Spain and changed my life. Now I’m doing a master in fashion marketing and is just for this reason I started the blog, ’cause is a good curriculum for working in the fashion industry….It’s hard to have a good quality blog but if you have a passion could be very exciting….Honestly I think there are so many blogs but with a low quality ’cause the motivation is only the dream to become popular!!!!Kisses


  7. I hope you’re feeling a lot better! Sometimes I’m not sure if anyone reads anything I write either and when someone comments and tells me they enjoyed the post, it lifts up my mood. When life gets tough, remember why you do the things you do and full time blogging can definitely be done 🙂 All things worth having don’t come easy, but are totally worth going for!



  8. Dorothy Bell

    Blogging is not bad at all! We all have our ups and downs life treats us that way 🙂 You just gotta have to do the things that makes you happy and you think that is worth doing, that confusion of yours right now will pass eventually! Have a great day!


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