Birthday Girl – 25 Facts About Me



Hello everyone ,

Today is the day I was born , actually I was born 25 years ago … so as you already understand today is my 25th birthday and weird fact: I don’t feel old at all , I still feel like a teenager haha. Today’s post I wanted to be a little bit different from what I usually post , so I thought it would be great to share with you some of the the facts you don’t know about me .

25 Facts about me

  • I have a bucket List and I’m yet to cross anything off.
  • I think I’m the most amotional person when I’m happy or when I’m sad .
  • It takes me about two hours to get ready, before I go out , that’s becaouse I’m almost always late at the meetings
  • I’m obsessed with coffee
  • When I like one song I will reply it, until I hate it.
  • Favorite song of all time : Coldplay – Fix You
  • I have never been in love ?! and I’m single by the way .
  • I can’t walk in high heels , practice doesn’t help me , so I collect high heels and I’m not wearing them 😀
  • I have a animal phobia (zoophobia)
  • I was wearing glasses my whole childhood (any nerds out there?)
  • I don’t like Alcohol , so I’m not dreanking it at all
  • I have serious Chocolate addiction, Can’t live without it
  • I don’t Give compliments unless , I feel that someone truly deserves it.
  • I love movies and I try to watch at least one movie in a day … it really helps me to relax
  • I have a list of favorite movies and Top 3 is :Shawshank redemption, Leon and The room
  • Favorite number : of course 13
  • I’m secretly very messy and unorganized person.
  • I don’ t smoke , I never have and I never will.
  • I’m social media Enthusiast
  • I hate my nose : the weirdest thing in the world.
  • I’m not good at swimming , I’m afraid of deep water , so I don’t swim at all.
  • My favorite flowers are tulips and my dream is to visit Netherlands during tulips season
  • In My childhood I was obsessed with football , I had a room fool of posters with different football players on them… Now my favorite sport is Tennis
  • I wanted to become a designer as long as I remember and I hope one day I will have my own clothing line (millions of dress ideas I can’t get out of my head )
  • I Love being me , because it’s me…


That’s it … all the facts I wanted to share with you guys, I hope you enjoyed reading it  and you’ve found out little bit more about me ..

See you in my Next Post

XoXo Salome

Salome 3.jpg

Salome 2.jpg




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