Ready For Fall



Hello loves

As I’ve already mentioned in my previous posts Autumn is my favorite season , so taking pictures for my blog is always pleasure, when it comes to such a nice background and when my outfit matches with the colors quite well. this jacket is such a statement piece and styling it is not an easy ,,job” but I decided to go for something classic and not so overdosed styling. I like the result , I look like a teenager and it’s kind of funny , when I dress up like this even my family thinks that I don’t look like myself. I don’t really like to complain about my age and how I look , but when I realize that I’m already 25 years old, it kind of scares me and the feelings pushes me to continue dressing like this haha.

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Jacket – Shein , white top – H&M, Skirt – Zara(old), Bag – Parfois







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