New Year, New Me !



Hello my loves,

today I woke up with a strange feeling … I want to change something in my life, is this even me ?? I don’t know … I’m very conservative girl, I’m little bit afraid of changes in my life, I’m not really into experiments , but this year I want to be different me ! someone who I have never been before, So this outfit is kind of beginning point , Because I’m wearing a hoodie , which I have never worn before and kind of feels really comfy and cool.. I’m also going to change my hair style, which you will see later and for sure I want to make this blog a space where we girls can talk about different things like:fashion, beauty, lifestyle,makeup … and more, So I’m interested what is your plans this year, I really want to hear from you girls , because I believe everyone who wants something, can achieve it with hard working …



Hoodie – Shein , Bomber Jacket – Shein ,Sneakers – Adidas, Hat – MANGO, Bag – Parfois





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