Gifts ideas for Different Occasions

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There is nothing I love more on this earth than gift giving. Gift giving is something I take very seriously… Oh god, I can imagine myself running through the stores in panic in search for the perfect presents for my beloved ones.  While thinking about that right now, I should truly find a way to forestall this stressful situation. Hmm… let me think. What about a gift guide here on the blog? Let me introduce you my recent discovery , ,where you can find everything online , pictures perfectly show you guys if you don’t have an idea what to gift your brother/sister, best friends, boyfriend/girlfriend and parents too. Admittedly, getting gifts for the girls is much easier than finding the right present for your big love, your dads or your brothers. Maybe – or rather pretty sure – I feel this way because as a woman I know well what women want. Continue reading “Gifts ideas for Different Occasions”


Birthday Girl – 25 Facts About Me



Hello everyone ,

Today is the day I was born , actually I was born 25 years ago … so as you already understand today is my 25th birthday and weird fact: I don’t feel old at all , I still feel like a teenager haha. Today’s post I wanted to be a little bit different from what I usually post , so I thought it would be great to share with you some of the the facts you don’t know about me . Continue reading “Birthday Girl – 25 Facts About Me”

Tough Life


Hello Loves,

Today’s post is little bit different from what I normally post. This Blog has become my diary for different reasons . most of the time because of you, Yes You, my readers , because every time you leave comments on my posts and encourage me, gives me so much energy and strenght, I found out that this space is my second home, where most of you don’t know me personally , but support and help me with your warm words , thank you for that. Continue reading “Tough Life”


Insta-Sateen 2


Hey Loves

Today I’m showing you some of my favorite Instagram photos of the week . Continue reading “Insta-Sateen 2”


Christmas Party Look

Christmas party 2

Happy New year My loves … it’s already 2015 and I hope everyone will have the best year … today I want to show you my Christmas Party look. Continue reading “Christmas Party Look”


From Brussels with Love


Hello My loves

It’s been a long time since my last post on the blog … there were a lot of changes in my life lately and I could not concentrate on blog, but now I’m back and I want to share with you My trip to Brussels , Belgium.  Continue reading “From Brussels with Love”




hello loves

You know I love fashion and I love Photos , Instagram is such a fun way to share your everyday life with the snaps.   Continue reading “Insta-Girl”