Lady in Red


Hello My lovelies

I remember in my previous post I was speaking how badly spring started in Georgia, It was Raining almost whole March and April, but I want to say summer is almost  here now, because it’s so hot and warm already and I could not wait to show you my favorite dress at the moment , It’s very feminine , pretty and looks good with boots , sneakers and heels as well. Continue reading “Lady in Red”



lisi lake - 4

hello My loves

I was not going to publish this photos on the blog, because this is not what I always publish here. but I could not resist. actually we went to shoot photos in the evening at Lisi Lake , in Tbilisi , when the light was so good , but when we arrived we saw that a lot people were just chilling , swimming , eating and I decided to rest a little bit. Continue reading “Sunset”