Hello My lovelies

Fashion, Beauty, People and Lifestyle are not simply titles of ordinary columns we know from magazines. To me they are so much more – A huge personal source of inspiration. I enjoy being surrounded by and wearing beautiful things. Styles & Looks are my kind of communication, an expression of my femininity, a way to find, lose and rediscover myself. This is what I’m trying to do in my everyday life, to give you my way through the world of fashion, photography, lifestyle. People always ask me why I love to take photos with flowers, plants or trees in the background, because that’s who I am and that’s what I like, I love colorful thing , I admire nature and that’s where I feel that life is beautiful. Continue reading “Nature”


Ruffle Top and Leather skirt

Hello guys,
today I want to speak about online shopping destination I’ve discovered recently. have you already seen MissyEmpire ? if you haven’t checked them out yet , what are you waiting for ? when I first saw their items I thought I wanted to buy everything, tops are so chic and stylish, also very trendy and perfect for every occasion. this top I’m wearing today looks good on denim and more kind of casual items as well.

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Day Light


Hello my lovelies,

In today’s post I’m wearing one of my favorite  dress. it’s not very often when I choose long dress especially in summer , but when I saw this dress I immediately fell in love and it’s also very trendy at the moment with off shoulder detail. Continue reading “Day Light”


Cheers to Weekend



Hello my lovelies,

Today’s look is one of my favorite outfits lately, this top I’m wearing is so beautiful and classy I wanted to wear it with something even more classy and chic Continue reading “Cheers to Weekend”


Floral For Summer


Hello my lovelies ,

I’ve been away for a while , because of the exams I had for last couple of weeks , but I’m finally back with new blog post featuring my favorite summer dress.   Continue reading “Floral For Summer”


Girl Talk

Red Lips Top 2

hello my lovelies,

In today’s look I decided to wear some of my favorite items in my wardrobe. Continue reading “Girl Talk”


Be the Voice, not an Echo !

Black Crop Top 4

Hello My lovelies,

last couple of weeks have been really hectic for me because of my exams, but from now on I’m back with full force to show you what I’ve got.

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