Floral For Summer


Hello my lovelies ,

I’ve been away for a while , because of the exams I had for last couple of weeks , but I’m finally back with new blog post featuring my favorite summer dress.   Continue reading “Floral For Summer”


What to wear in Spring

Charles and Keith 6

Hello my lovelies. After last two days actually served nothing but rain, rain and well, rain again, in Georgia it seems like spring has finally arrived now, Because it’s not that cold outside and sometimes you can go bare leg( like I did for this photo shoot) . In spring I have one favorite kind of styling that I just love and to make sure I’m dressed for whatever the weather gods will come up with and that’s layering looks and accessories that can be cool in every weather and occasion. Basically just like the outfit you see in this post. To say true I always choose my outfit very carefully , especially accessories that I’m wearing, because I know One thing : right shoes and bag , can make the simplest outfit ,, work’’. When I started to pick up new items for my spring wardrobe I wanted to get something that I can actually use even in summer and autumn, so when I saw this burgundy colored pumps I immediately fell in love with it. This shoes  from Charles & Keith can actually go with classic outfit ,with blue denim and simple t-shirt or even with summer dresses. And I’m not talking about this bag , which is classic , very girly and also it has perfect size, because I don’t really like big bags. so here we go: first attempt to get my spring accessories is done , because when I look at this photos I really love how cool my shoes and bag looks. Now it’s time to search other items, that can make my spring wardrobe even cooler.
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Happy International Women’s Day


Hello My lovelies,

Today we are celebrating international women’s day. Imagine the life without your sister, mother, girlfriend, and wife!! Continue reading “Happy International Women’s Day”


Make Peace, Not War


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Today’s post is very different from what I usually write in here, but this blog is like my diary so I want to share my opinions with you as well. Continue reading “Make Peace, Not War”


Black With A Little Twist

Total Black 4

Hello Friends ,

First of all thank you all for birthday wishes , So many of you left sweet comments on my latest post, instagram photos, wrote me e-mails  … this means world to me and I am forever grateful for that … THANK YOU ,THANK YOU, THANK YOU !!!!!!  Continue reading “Black With A Little Twist”


Another Brick In the Wall


IMG_0832Hello Everyone,

It’s already Monday and end of May, how quickly time flies , Summer is on it’s way and I’m the happiest person, Because I will be wearing a lot of dresses, shorts, skirts and finally will have some tan. before that I wear clothes, which are appropriate for colder weather. To say true it’s being really gloomy and rainy lately and it’s really hard to style an outfit for this kind of weather .

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Here Comes The Sun


Hello everyone,

I’m finally back , after a long break from blogging I’ve finally organized my schedule, so from now on you will see a lot of post on this blog – not only my outfits but also street style, beauty , travel , advises ….  Continue reading “Here Comes The Sun”