Hello My lovelies

Fashion, Beauty, People and Lifestyle are not simply titles of ordinary columns we know from magazines. To me they are so much more – A huge personal source of inspiration. I enjoy being surrounded by and wearing beautiful things. Styles & Looks are my kind of communication, an expression of my femininity, a way to find, lose and rediscover myself. This is what I’m trying to do in my everyday life, to give you my way through the world of fashion, photography, lifestyle. People always ask me why I love to take photos with flowers, plants or trees in the background, because that’s who I am and that’s what I like, I love colorful thing , I admire nature and that’s where I feel that life is beautiful. Continue reading “Nature”


Spring is for new things


Hello My lovelies,

Finally it’s spring and I already want to wear some dresses and shorts, But I know it’s still very cold and gloomy  outside, so when I was thinking about how I could make my outfit Continue reading “Spring is for new things”


leather love


Hello my lovelies,

my followers often ask me where they can buy fashion items , which are not that expensive and the quality is good, I know  a lot of stores which are very affordable, but today I want to talk to you about web page,  which I’ve discovered not long ago. Continue reading “leather love”


Fringe jacket


Hello my lovelies,

Today’s post is all about my favorite colors: black, white and red … this jacket is a perfect edition to my closet because it’s very colorful, warm and cozy. Continue reading “Fringe jacket”


New Year, New Me !



Hello my loves,

today I woke up with a strange feeling … I want to change something in my life, is this even me ?? Continue reading “New Year, New Me !”


Make Peace, Not War


Hello everyone,

Today’s post is very different from what I usually write in here, but this blog is like my diary so I want to share my opinions with you as well. Continue reading “Make Peace, Not War”