Me, Myself and I


The Fashion Sateen is a Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog born at the Beginning of 2016 and totally re-designed in July 2017 in Tbilisi, Georgia.  It is an online diary of a girl who loves fashion, Photography, Travel and music. With this blog I have created a personal place on the web. The place where you will feel free to express your feeling about the issues discusses on the blog and also get inspired. It’s an open window of  my life, which you can enjoy daily.

I’m going to be honest with you, I am no one special.  My life is not as interesting , as you may think. I was born in a small town in Georgia and moved in the capital, Tbilisi, at the age 18. After finishing Tbilisi state university I’ve got bachelor degree in Political science and currently I’m getting Master degree in International relations at Georgian Institute of public affairs.  I have a day time job, which I don’t like, but … I have no outrageous dating tips or stories,I’ve never been in love,  I have no children so I cannot wow you with my parenting tips and tricks.  I do not make a lot of money so my closet isn’t full of designer names and a lot of my clothing is several years old.  I don’t pretend to be a master at applying makeup or a pro at home decorating. I don’t travel a lot, so I don’t have a lot of amazing photos of my getaways, But in spite of all of these things, I believe without hesitation that my life is  beautiful and I’m happy to be alive.

I want to share with you all of the things that inspire and excite me! I want to write here every tip and trick I’ve learnt so far, give you some honest reviews and advises. So together, let’s get excited about the little things, that we see everyday . Come with me on this journey to find all the things that make life just a little bit sweeter, I am happy to have you on my blog, lets be friends.

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